Sifco Industries, Inc.

SIFCO Minneapolis licenses an advanced stripping technology

The repair of hot section components requires the removal of engine run diffusion and thermal spray coatings for a complete repair. In the removal process, established industry methods result in removal of base material and reduce the number of possible repairs. SIFCO has developed and implemented improved methods for removal of diffusion coatings and thermal spray called SIFCO Enhanced Vibratory Stripping and DC Coupled Stripping.

SIFCO Enhanced Vibratory Stripping is a semi-automated process for removing diffusion coatings, including platinum aluminides, from turbine blades, vane segments and integral vane rings. Because of the mechanization, the degree of stripping can be controlled to minimize or reduce base material removal. This results in greater remaining wall thickness, multiple repairs and greater control of airflow changes.

SIFCO has licensed an advanced stripping technology based upon a patented process sold by a small company, Aeromet Technology, (US #6,294,072) called DC Coupled Stripping. This technology permits SIFCO to offer stripping processes which protect the alloy substrate surfaces from stripping damage. The process relies upon the use of dilute acids which further provides environmental, cost and safety benefits. The process, with variations in the method, can be used to remove diffusion coatings, thermal spray and brazed in cooling tubes.

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