March 20, 2020

To:   Our Customers

Re:   Update

Continuing our communication on status of key actions as we work to recover from the fire at our Orange location.  We understand that this event has caused an interruption in normal service from us.

  • We are very pleased to share that the 2500T Press moved from MI is now in full production.
  • The 2000T Press continues installation. This Press remains on the timeline to enter service mid-April.
  • The remaining two presses to be refurbished are in the component repair/replacement cycle.
  • We are utilizing two different specialists in order to speed the timeline as much as possible.
  • We will continue to work directly with customers to discuss any impact to scheduled deliveries as quickly as possible. In order to ensure prompt and efficient responses, we ask that if you have questions, please work through your normal point of contact at the Orange facility.
  • With the presses that we have returned to production on site, the staffing that we’ve implemented, and the reschedule that we have worked through with many of you, we have been consistently reducing our delivery delinquency since January. We are excited to fully recover in the coming months.

Thank you for your patience as we complete the full reconstruction of this site.   We will post our next update on April 3rd.

In service,

Pete Knapper

President and Chief Executive Officer