Sifco Industries, Inc.

Understanding the needs and fulfilling the requirements

QAF is very proud to supply products to meet the exacting needs of the Aerospace Industry. Our products can be found on a wide range of aircraft, large and small, military and commercial. In every case we seek to understand, in detail, the requirements of not only our immediate customer but also of the end user.

We have strategically aligned and have solid relationships with our customers who are at all tier levels. QAF brings a consistent level of both quality and commitment to fulfilling all our customers’ (and the end users') requirements. In this way relationships with our customers grow and have helped established QAF’s reputation in the industry.

Through these co-operations we have listened and learned from our customers and have grown and extended the scope and nature of our services and the way we operate:

  • To interface with customers’ design and production teams
  • Continually improving of our quality systems
  • Supporting customer operations through ‘just in time’ production and delivery, retained stored inventory, etc
  • SMART, our corporate continuous improvement program, drives operational excellence to meet customer cost targets

QAF continues to meet and exceed customer expectations.



  • Fixed Wing - Commercial and Defense
  • Rotor - Commercial and Defense


  • Specialty products